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User:Imamy/Project page for Category:Commons media[edit source]

Project Details/Discussion[edit source]

Goal[edit source]

  • This categorisation is being redeveloped.
    • look for a category in Category:Topics by expanding through the different levels, or searching for it with the search bar.
    • If it does not exist, create the category and rename the "Commons Media" category on the image page to the new category.
    • The "Topics" category should really only have sub-categories and Not pages as well. The pages listed there should really be inside other categories.
  • User_talk:Borderman#Commons Categorization Reform
    • Singular and plural of the same category can confuse matters: Category:Holiday as a subcategory of Category:Holidays. Just the latter would suffice. Its the same with the Russian stamp and stamps categories, just <other part of tile> stamps will suffice.
      • Default to Plural Category
        eg: Category:Stamps NOT Category:Stamp
        In case Singular is needed - Put Keyword into File

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Categories[edit source]

First[edit source]

Category:Portraits Retratos
Category:Secretaries of public education Secretarios de educación pública
Category:Public and civil servants Funcionarios públicos
Category:Men Hombres
Category:Photojournalism Fotoperiodismo
Category:Engineers Ingenieros
Category:Offices Oficinas
Category:Presidential tours Giras presidenciales
Category:Governors Gobernadores
Category:Speakers Oradores
Category:Presidents Presidentes
Category:Meetings Mitines
Category:Prosecutors Procuradores de justicia
Category:Lawyers Abogados
Category:Men's fashion Moda masculina
Category:Military Militares
Category:Uniforms Uniformes
Category:Glasses Anteojos

Second[edit source]

Category:Secretaries of State Secretarios de estado
Category:Politicians Políticos
Category:Clothing accessories Accesorios de vestir
Category:Sound systems Sistemas de sonido
Category:Documentary photography Fotografía documental
Category:Ornamental plants Plantas de ornato
Category:Miscellaneous objects Objetos diversos
Category:Ranches Ranchos
Category:Rancharias Rancherías
Category:Landscapes Paisajes
Category:Geographers Geógrafos

Third[edit source]

Category:Portrait photography Fotografía de retrato
Category:Bankers Banqueros
Category:Entrepreneurs Empresarios
Category:Beverages Bebidas
Category:Salons Salones
Category:Female poets Poetisas
Category:Women Mujeres
Category:Intellectual Intelectuales
Category:Writers Escritores
Category:Artists Artistas
Category:Women's fashion Moda femenina
Category:Jewelry Joyas
Category:Characters of the revolution Personajes de la revolución
Category:Spades Espadas
Category:Furniture and cabinetmaking Muebles y ebanistería
Category:Diplomats Diplomáticos
Category:Interior decoration Decoración de interiores
Category:Medical Médicos
Category:Criminal proceedings Procesos penales
Category:Judged Juzgados
Category:Cops Policías

Fourth[edit source]

Category:Municipal presidents Presidentes municipales
Category:Hats Sombreros
Category:Assembly halls Salones de actos
Category:Deputies Diputados
Category:Anniversaries Aniversarios
Category:Tributes Homenajes
Category:Ceremonies and public events Ceremonias y actos públicos
Category:People Gente
Category:Economists Economistas
Category:Chamber of Deputies Cámara de diputados
Category:Marine Marinos