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Interface administrators are users who can edit the interface (pages in MediaWiki namespace), edit the sidewide CSS/JavaScript files in MediaWiki namespace (i.e., gadget files), and edit other users' CSS/JavaScript files. Typically, this user group is granted normally to administrators on most other wikis, but since administrators on Miraheze Commons have all of the user rights below, the interface administrator user group is most commonly granted by any Miraheze Commons bureaucrat at Miraheze Commons:Requests for permissions to any requesting user who is trusted, technically competent, and who has a clearly stated need for the user group. Similarly, any Miraheze Commons bureaucrat can revoke the user group for misuse, where the user overestimates their level of competence by making repeated errors, or where the user is no longer active on Miraheze Commons.

Its full list of user group rights is as follows:

  • Edit other users' CSS files (editusercss)
  • Edit other users' JSON files (edituserjson)
  • Edit other users' JavaScript files (edituserjs)
  • Edit sitewide CSS (editsitecss)
  • Edit sitewide JSON (editsitejson)
  • Edit sitewide JavaScript (editsitejs)
  • Edit the user interface (editinterface)

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