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Bots are fully automated or semi-automated, requiring no to limited involvement of and/or from humans, that perform certain functions that would be extremely tedious for humans to perform manually. Among other technical abilities, commonly bots on Miraheze Commons have the ability to have their edits, which are usually minor in nature, to be hidden by default in the recent changes feed, as well as to bypass certain rate limits. Additionally, the bot flag is also granted to certain MediaWiki and extension maintenance scripts that run on the Miraheze jobrunner1 and jobrunner2 servers.

Bots have the following permissions:

  • Be treated as an automated process (bot)
  • Edit pages protected as "Allow only autoconfirmed users" (editsemiprotected)
  • Have one's own edits automatically marked as patrolled (autopatrol)
  • Not be affected by IP-based rate limits (autoconfirmed)
  • Not create redirects from source pages when moving pages (suppressredirect)
  • Not have minor edits to discussion pages trigger the new messages prompt (nominornewtalk)
  • Perform CAPTCHA-triggering actions without having to go through the CAPTCHA (skipcaptcha)
  • Use higher limits in API queries (apihighlimits)
  • Use of the write API (writeapi)

To request to operate a full bot account, please make a request here. Any bureaucrat or will review your request for completeness and your attached source code for potential problems, errors, or vulnerabilities. While any bureaucrat can approve bot accounts, it's recommended that they do so only if they are a proficient computer programmer with the expertise to perform detailed code review; otherwise, they should simply leave the request for another, more experienced bureaucrat to review and either (a) approve or (b) decline.

List of Bots[edit source]